Events & News

  • 2014 Dec
    If you have a company in Turkey take a look at Law.6552 !

    All tax/governmental liabilities and some unreal accounts are subject to this new Law 6552. 

    1) According to the Law nr.6552, companies may benefit of clearing all the interest and other surcharges of governmental liabilities.

    This Law covers liabilities before 30 April 2014;

    • All kind of Taxes,
    • Social Security Taxes,
    • Tax penalties,
    • Motor vehicle taxes,
    • Municipallity liabilities,
    • and etc..

     2) Or, if your below accounts do not show the real amounts;

    • Cash Account,
    • Receivables from shareholders,

    You can declare this unreal part, pay the %3 and clean your balance sheets.


    For further and details please contact us,

  • 2014 Nov
    Upcoming ‘Trading without Borders’ Event MKB Twente on the 20th of November 2014

    Beside the contribution of KroeseWevers ASK CONSULTANTS will give a presentation about Doing Business in Turkey..

    You can find the details of this event on the website of MKB Twente;

  • 2014 Oct
    DBA Lunch with special guest Turkish Minister of Finance Mr.Mehmet Şimşek

    ASK CONSULTANTS has joined the Private Lunch Event on 21th of October 2014 which was organized by the Dutch Business Association.

    Special guest was the Turkish Minister of Finance Mr. Mehmet Şimşek who has given a presentation about the Turkish Economy and the plans for the next 10 years. It seems that Turkey will be more attractive for Foreign Investors.





  • 2014 Oct
    New Turkey Desk opportunities in Dubai

    After the Netherlands, the ball is rolling for Turkey Desk UAE

    We have begun intensive work on opening our second “Turkey Desk” in the United Arab Emirates. We know that UAE entrepreneurs are eager to direct their investments to Turkey. The real estate and craft engineering markets in particular are currently under the spotlight. Turkey Desk UAE is coming soon.

  • 2014 Sep
    Turkey Desk opened in the Netherlands

    We are delighted to announce that we have opened up our first ” Turkey Desk NL ”

    In order to be able to reach you faster and more easily, ASK CONSULTANTS is opening the first Turkey Desk in the Netherlands. Our Turkey Desk will be cooperating closely with the Turkey Desk of KroeseWevers. We are certain that we will accomplish great things in this field with Kroese Wevers.

  • 2014 Jun
    Event: “Agriculture in Turkey”

    The main focus of our first event in the Netherlands was Turkey’s potential in Agriculture

    We made our first presentation in the Netherlands. Titled Agriculture in Turkey, we found the opportunity to make this presentation to a highly qualified group for 2 hours. We aimed to draw attention to the Turkish Agriculture sector. Such presentations are crucial for our country.

  • 2014 Apr
    Kocaeli Region Visit

    We made a fantastic trip to Kocaeli with our Dutch guests

    We paid a 3-day visit to the Kocaeli region, organised by Mr Robert Schudeboom, the Netherlands’ Istanbul Consul General. We held meetings with the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry and the Kocaeli Chamber of Commerce and, following this, found the chance to see and examine a location in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, similar to Teknopark. Among the committee, and during the meetings, we exchanged volumes of valuable information. Thank you Mr Consul General.

  • 2014 Jan
    ASK became an exclusive member of DBA Turkey

    2014    We are happy to be a member of “Dutch Business Association Turkey”.

    Becoming a member of the Dutch Business Association Turkey, which has a highly active structure, was a vital step in terms of networking and sharing. We found the opportunity to meet Mr Eyüp Karso. Together with DBA, we are excited to invest all our energy in a slew of activities, and to meet new opportunities.

  • 2013 Nov
    Business Meet Twente 2013

    ASK CONSULTANTS attended the BMT Fair in Twente

    We attended our first expo/event in the Netherlands market. Thanks to our stand, we found the opportunity to inform Dutch businesspeople about Turkey. We maximised our opportunities for new cooperation over a most productive 3 days. We came to the conclusion that we need to organise a workshop of our own.

  • 2013 Jun
    Entered the Dutch Business Market

    ASK decided to reach out to Dutch Entrepreneurs

    We merged our structure, which has long been providing financial and legal services in Turkey, under the ASK CONSULTANTS brand. Together with our Netherlands partner, Dr Mark Grobbink, our Netherlands adventure has begun. The Netherlands, which is an exemplary country in terms of globalisation, strikes us as the ideal first step.