Enter Turkey in 6 Steps

Before you decide to do business in Turkey, we can research the current financial, legal or sectoral information for your sector. We can present our research in report form, and help you in your decision making process.
Establishing your business with the correct structure will save you from possible problems and surprises you may encounter in the future. You can evaluate this crucial stage from among the alternatives.
Once you have decided upon your structure, we have to set it up in the quickest and most resilient way possible. We can plan and implement the establishment process for you in the simplest way, from beginning to end.
With the establishment of your company, we can prepare your entire legal infrastructure to protect your interests, and put it in writing. Particularly regarding contract management, we create a framework and minimise the risks.
If required during the operation process, we can create the necessary departments for you, plan the workflows and task definitions, and monitor the operation process.
A system or operation that is up and running must be kept under observation all the time. We can determine the monitoring of the whole operation, its malfunctions and precautions, and report to you in the simplest manner possible.

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Tax & Accounting

Tax system and laws may seem complicated. Accounting, bookkeeping rules may change depending on the countries. In Turkey we are ready to provide simple solutions for you

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Employee Services

Sometimes Personel issues may cause big problems. Working with the right personel is one of the keys of success. Be aware of your costs with simple payrolling reports

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Legal Services

Especially with our Protective Legal Service, you will be doing your business in safeway. Contracts Management is what you need before you take a step

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Matchmaking Services

Expanding business is sometimes not an option. It is a necessity. Finding new markets may need a high effort. With our matchmaking service you will see how easy can it be

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Advisory Services

The right advisory is important, but many times, offering options and putting down the advantages and disadvantages may be more efficient. We will always work on options

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Health & Safety

Every single company need Health&Safety processes. But unfortunately someone needs to keep eye on it. Underestimating this issue may cause unexpected troubles

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What is Safeway?
Safeway is a package of certain precautions and application procedures taken by us in order to minimise the financial and legal risks you may encounter during your investment activities in Turkey. The foundation of these precautions will consist of the correct selection of the “company structure” you will decide upon during the establishment stage. Our activities are based on a solid foundation, and aim to establish a smooth operation with applications such as contract management, tax planning, potential risk determination, and the appropriate counter-measures.Ask Consultants’ Legal and Fiscal Safeway Solutions will free you up to focus fully on your own business, and minimise the risk of encountering unexpected situations in the future.Legal Safeway

Ask Consultants calls this specially developed Legal Safeway solution package; Protective Legal Service.

Protective Legal Service

Our priority is to provide the requisite legal service to minimise risks, determining them in accordance with the demands of the company, commercial customs and relevant legislation by examining business strategies and related tactics, customer relations, internal order and the structure of your company. Just like companies, which have specialists managing financial risk and conducting risk analysis and risk management, solicitors who are specialised in the field should be in charge of managing risk. Thus, organisations will have the opportunity to avoid potential problems by recognising legal risks before they emerge. It is a well-known fact that the judicial system in Turkey bears a heavy burden, and unfortunately it functions slowly. Prolonged periods for the solution of an issue, along with difficulty in executing judicial decisions, pose a serious problem. Moreover, alternative solutions to the courts, such as arbitration or settlement commission, are simply not efficient enough. Thus, protective legal service is crucial to prevent potential loss of rights and errors in transactions, by benefiting from the extensive legal knowledge of specialist solicitors.

Fiscal Safeway

In business life, being aware of the possibilities you may encounter in the future, and developing action plans accordingly, will give your company a competitive edge. While interpreting and applying the law, your company’s targets, situation and planning should be taken into consideration, and holistic solutions should be generated. The importance and correct planning of the tax contingency in your budgets will be a key factor in your success. Particularly, the selection of the correct company structure can result in different and advantageous tax applications in the future. With our clear and simple solutions in financial matters, doing business in Turkey will become safer and easier for you.

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